The Dancer's Journal

The Dancer’s Journal is a unique book designed specifically for the passionate dancer. It’s the ultimate resource to keep track of everything relating to dance. Record progress and achievements, organise class notes, teacher’s comments, special dates and events, and much, much more…

Beautifully designed page layouts

Featuring easy-to-use page layouts, the journal encourages the dancer to express their thoughts and ideas, dreams and aspirations. Filled with beautiful photography and inspiring quotes, this stylish journal will enhance their creativity and motivate them towards their dance goals.
Beautifully bound and presented, the journal features a durable and flexible water-resistant cover.

Long lasting, practical, versatile

It is protected with an elastic band closure, which doubles as a bookmark, and includes a handy back page pocket. It’s practical size makes it easy to take anywhere – dance class, workshops, competitions – and perfect for home too! Dancers record their own dates throughout, making the journal a versatile workbook for use at any time.

Elegant Graphics, Useful Journal Pages

Features included in the journal:

• Journaling Tips ~ How to get the most out of your journal.
• Dance Studio Term Dates
• Important Dates at a Glance ~ A quick reference for competitions, performances, examinations, concerts, recitals, etc.
• Web Reference ~ For up-to-date information and articles regarding stretching, safe dance practice, and much more.
• Elements of Dance
• Ballet Terms
• Goals and Aspirations
• Personal and Technical Achievements Charts ~ Track your rankings as you improve – a great way to help reach your dance goals.
• Dance Notes ~ Record class notes, reminders, and teacher’s comments.
• Scrapbook Pages ~ Use these pages for choreography notes, music references, photos, cut-outs, and any other form of inspiration.
• Pasting Pages ~ Blank pages to paste in notes from teachers.
• Dates with Dance ~ Record detailed information for special events such as competitions, performances, concerts, workshops, etc. Also includes a checklist of items required for each event.
• Rewards and Results ~ For class rewards, examination results, competition results, etc.
• Inspirational Quotes and Photographs ~ Multiple pages are spread throughout the journal to inspire the dancer and keep them motivated.